Senior Classroom

Registration and Child’s File

  • A nonrefundable registration fee of $80.00 is required per family.
  •  An application must be fully completed and on file for each child.
  • All medical forms must be completed and on file.
  • The Discipline policy must be read by all parents.   Please sign one copy and return one to school to be kept in the child’s file.
  • It is very important that we have all your emergency telephone and cell phone numbers on file.  Please update them if they change.
  • We need to have the name and phone numbers of those people authorized to take your child home.
  • All children’s files must be completed by September 15.
  • ENROLLMENT LINK: Please Click on the link below to access the registration form



The supplies that will be required will be determined by the classroom teacher.

Supplies will be due by September 15th.


Tuition will be due by the first day of school, and then the first of each month after that (September – May). To keep tuition rates at a minimum, we must have full payment for each child every month regardless of  absence due to illness or vacation.

Payment can be made by check or money order; please include the name of your child in the memo. Please make checks payable to “MCC”. You may give your payment to a teacher or mail it to:

White Steeple Preschool
Attention: Ms. LeeAnn McKenna
5849 N. Nina Ave.,
Chicago IL 60631. 
Tuition for 2020-2021:
Full Day Program (Lunch Provided)
$385  for the  2-day students
$555  for the  3-day students
$680   for the  5-day students
Half Day Program
$255  for the  2-day students
$355 for the  3-day students
$415   for the  5-day students

*Note: Discount rate may apply. Only one qualifying discount per family.

Discount Option #1
Discount for paying full 2020-2021 tuition in Sept. A one-time discount of
$20 off for 2-day program
$30 off for 3-day program
$50 off for 5-day program
Discount Option #2
Sibling discount
The second child in the same family receives a 10% discount.
Important Information:
A $50 fee will be assessed on all returned checks.
Payments received after the first week of the month will be assessed a $25.00 late fee.
If payments have not been received after two months, your child will be in jeopardy of suspension from school until your account has been brought up to date. If there are special circumstances, please contact the Preschool.

School Year Calendar

A school year calendar will be provided in September.

    Our calendar is modeled after the Chicago Public School calendar; we typically have the same holidays and vacation days.

    Parental involvement activities/ workshops are offered on a monthly basis. The event will provide you time to learn something new about your child, spend more time talking to your child’s teachers about his/her learning, behavior, interests, etc. You will have more chances to interact with other families within the community. Please check the monthly newsletter for the exact date and time. Any suggestions on topics/issues are welcome.

    Please note that we have special celebrations throughout the year when parents are invited to join the fun. Don’t forget to mark your calendars – especially for:

  • Grandparent’s Day
  • Daddy Day
  • Mother’s Day tea
  • Graduation programs

Entrance and Dismissal

    The doors will be opened at 9:00 a.m. for the morning session and at 12:15 p.m. for the afternoon session.  Children will be dismissed at 11:30 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. At dismissal time, parents and guardians will need to sign out their children.  Those picking up are required to be on time, there is a $10 charge for every half hour your child is left after the pickup time. No one will be allowed to take your child home unless they are on their information form, or you notify the school ahead of time.

    During the first week of school, parents may bring their children into the school and help them find their cubbies where they can put their coats or backpacks. In the weeks following, children will line up outside and be escorted in by the preschool teachers.  In case of inclement weather, children will come directly inside. Exterior doors will be locked 15 minutes after the entry time.  Anyone requiring entry after this will need to ring the bell.

   Nina Avenue is a very busy street.  Please take care in crossing the street with your children. When parking in front of the school, please do not block our friendly neighbors’ driveways.


    If your child is sick, he/she should be kept at home. If they have a fever please wait 24 hours after the fever subsides before sending them back to school. Please contact the school if your child will not be in class due to illness. In the event of your child contracting a contagious disease such as “pink eye” or chicken pox, please inform us so that other parents may be alerted.

     If your child becomes ill in school, you will be notified. Make sure we have your current home, work and cell numbers so that we can contact you immediately.

    Make-up, lipsticks, and objects that go into or on the mouth should be kept at home because children often share these items. We are committed  to keeping your child as healthy as possible.

Progress Reports

    At the end of the year, progress reports will be given to parents for each child. No grades are given, only an indication as to whether or not skills have been accomplished. Teachers also provide comments about your child’s activities and interactions within the classroom. Please feel free to inquire abut your child’s development throughout the year.

Clothing and Personal Belongings

    In order for us to remain organized, your child will be assigned a cubby with a coat hook and a bin. His/her name will be written on the bin.

    It is always helpful to label all children’s outerwear such as mittens, jackets, boots, and hats with their names. Not all children remember what they came to school with and often children’s clothing looks similar.

    Always dress your child for the possibility of outdoor play, even during winter months. We use the play yard as often as we can. All clothing should be washable. The children work with paint, glue, and crayons almost every day.

    Preschool children spend a great deal of time on the floor playing. Please dress your child in comfortable casual clothing and shoes with rubber soles. Please bring a spare set of clothes for your child. Send it in a bag with their name marked on it.

Curriculum & Newsletters

    On the first Wednesday of each month, you will receive a newsletter with information about what is happening at school. This will address what our themes will be for that month, dates of special events or holidays, and sharing of happenings within our community.

School Closings

    Typically, if the public schools are closed due to inclement weather, we will be closed. We will contact the local news station about our closing. In addition, we will email all families who are coming that day.

    As a general rule, if we have 8 inches of snow or a severe ice storm, we will close. Above all, you are responsible for your child’s safety to and from school; if you do not believe you can get them to school safely, please stay home. 


   Extra hands are always appreciated. Parents will be needed as volunteers to help at holiday parties and field trips. Parents or grandparents are welcome to spend a day helping or giving a mini presentation.


   Our first fundraiser of the year is our annual “Puffin Pastries.” You will be able to purchase pastries and cookies for your Thanksgiving holiday. Each child is encouraged to sell items to friends and family throughout their community.

   Each spring we have a Bike-A-Thon. It helps us raise money for new equipment and teaching aids for our classrooms. We hope all families will participate in whatever way they can and come out to see the bike parade.

Discipline Policy

    The preschool staff may use disciplinary measures designed to help individual children develop self-control and assume responsibility for their own acts. Simple and understandable rules help set limits of the behaviors required for the protection of the group as well as the individual child.

    Please read the discipline policy and return a signed copy to school with your child’s medical and information forms by September 15.

Daily Schedule

9:00-9:15/12:15-12:30               Welcome Time–Table toys

9:15-9:30/12:30-12:45               Circle time- calendar, weather chart, intro

                                                         to theme, show and tell

9:30-10:00/12:45-1:15               Lesson one–art activity, math

10:00-10:15/1:15-1:30               Free play

10:15-10:35/1:30-1:50               Lesson two–language arts, science, social


10:35-10:55/1:50-2:10              Wash hands and snack time

10:55-11:05/2:10-2:20              Book time

11:05-11:20/2:20-2:35              Physical education, music, or circle games

11:20-11:30/2:35-2:45              Get ready for dismissal–recap the day–prepare                                                           to go home

11:30/2:45                                   Dismissal

Last updated 7/23/2018